February Goals

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Because tomorrow is February 1, I know I can’t believe it either, I thought I would share my goals and maybe give you a little time to ponder yours. I got this idea from reading Emily’s blog over at Smile Mile Girl. She is another one of my favorites and I really recommend checking out her blog if you haven’t already. ;)

feb goalsss

Goal #1 – Drink more water! I think a lot of people have this goal. I used to be really good about drinking water, but nowadays I find myself not even finishing 1 24 oz bottle a day. My goal is to at least drink 2 of those a day.

Goat #2 – I want to increase the variety of foods I eat. I read one of Kath’s posts at Kath Eats Real Food. It basically broke down different types of foods and color labeled them. It’s really an interesting post it will definitely be my guideline for this goal.

Goal #3 – Focus on being less stressed. I find myself getting so stressed with little things like homework and time. I do have time for everything I want to do in one day and I should stop being so worried about needing to rush through things. Homework for example, I often rush through and don’t allow myself to absorb the information. This is definitely not a good thing when tests roll around.

I’ll update you on my goal progress later this month. I’m really excited to see how this process works out because usually I don’t set  short term goals I mostly just look long term, which adds to my stress factor. I really encourage you all to get a few goals in mind for February, it’s fun thinking about what you want to improve upon. :)

P.S – I’m writing this on Tuesday because I have been really excited all of January to write this and I couldn’t wait another minute!

“There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.” – Henry Ford 

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2 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. AHHH <3 Thank you for the shout-out Christina!! I feel so special. Your goals are excellent. I think we could all drink more water. The Yoga Challenge I did last month really helped me manage my stress. Maybe yoga would help you too! I am also guilty of letting stress take over- I am always looking to decrease my stress.

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